Dad's Easy Spray Paint, Stain, Sealer & Varnish Remover

Take what was old...and make it new again!

For over 30 years, Dad's Easy Spray has been the best friend of hobbyists and professionals alike.

Dad's Easy Spray is the handyman's secret that father's have passed on to their sons, and industry-masters passed on to their apprentices. The reason for this is simple...Dad's is the industry's best paint, stain and varnish remover!

Dad’s Easy Spray is the fastest-acting and easiest-to-use paint, stain and varnish remover that strips ALL finishes from wood, metal, masonry, glass and more. Over 25 years of research and testing has resulted in the fastest working, most versatile and easiest to use stripper available on the market today. It's special ingredients have been uniquely blended to provide a superior product that gels when sprayed on, creating the ideal environment for paint, stain and varnish removal.

Dad's Powerful Formula Strips All Finishes.

Dad's is fast-acting, quickly penetrates multiple paint layers.

Dad's is a liquid, yet jells when applied with special sprayer.

So get DAD'S EASY SPRAY  and turn your project into something new today!